Prescription Dispensary Service

Prescription Dispensary

Prescriptions can only be raised by a doctor and we therefore suggest notice of at least 10 working days before any existing medication is due to run out.

This service is only available to those requiring medication to take them up to their next scheduled review consultation and includes evaluation of your notes.  If a consultation is due or requested by Dr Whitelaw an appointment will need to be made and payment received for it before your prescription is raised. Please note that review consultations are required AT LEAST every twelve months but more usually every six.

Please note that NOT providing specific details in the Patient Summary and additional notes section below will likely delay processing your request.

In some instances the doctor may agree to ‘review and prescribe’, for which there is a Prescription Dispensary Services charge of £45 and a new review month will be set. This would only normally apply to longer-term ‘settled’ patients without complications.

For full details of our fees, and pricing structure and typical review-schedule, please visit our website:

Prescription Process: We will contact you within 48 hours normally, either to tell you your prescription is ready or to arrange a Prescription Dispensary Service or review consultation. If applicable an invoice will be emailed to you and the prescription raised on receipt of payment.

This is your unique patient ID, which can be found on any appointment confirmations you have received.
Please be aware that it takes an average of 5 days once you have paid the pharmacy.
This is a formal in-clinic or telephone consultation
* 2+ hormones are combined in one delivery medium.
How are you feeling, what symptoms have improved/worsened, what has changed, are you taking any other medication now that has been prescribed elsewhere etc.

IMPORTANT! You MUST mention in the box above any change in your medical condition and/or recent visits to your doctor plus any change in symptoms or other factors you feel relevant to the medication you are requesting.