Repeat prescriptions can only be raised by one of our doctors and we therefore suggest notice of at least 7 working days before any existing medication is due to run out.

This service is for those requiring medication to take them up to their next review consultation.  If a review is requested by the doctor on receipt of your prescription request we will contact you to arrange this – 6 monthly reviews are recommended.

Repeat Prescription Process: Once your request is received a prescription will be raised and sent to the pharmacy, upon which you will be notified and should contact the pharmacy pay/order.

This is your unique patient ID, which can be found on any appointment confirmations you have received.
Please be aware that it takes an average of 5 days once you have paid the pharmacy.
This is a formal in-clinic or telephone consultation

IMPORTANT! You must mention in the box above any change in your medical condition and/or recent visits to your doctor plus any change in symptoms or other factors you feel relevant to the medication you are requesting.