Lisa’s Story

Lisa’s Story

Lisa was aged 54 when she spoke to her GP about a few symptoms but his only suggestion was anti-depressants at the time and she knew she wasn’t depressed. Lisa said: “My get up and go just got up and left. My mum was in her late 70s and doing supper clubs, walks and outings etc., and I couldn’t imagine doing that NOW, let alone in 25 years time. I had nothing to look forward to. I didn’t want to get out of bed even, or wear make-up”.

“I felt my hormones were playing a big part but my GP said there weren’t any tests for menopause and that I had to just accept I was getting older. What shocked me most though was that he said because I’d had my kids, it shouldn’t matter to me what those hormones were doing anyway. I honestly wanted to slap him!”

Lisa approached Equilibrium Clinic after hearing about them from a friend. Her initial consultation lasted 90 minutes. “I didn’t feel rushed and it was extremely enlightening”, Lisa says. “Finally, someone could relate to what I was saying and gave me hope.” A number of lifestyle changes and supplements were recommended plus diagnostic tests were undertaken including blood tests for hormones associated with the menopause plus thyroid and a cortisol saliva test too.

Two of our body’s key hormones are Cortisol (stress) and Thyroid. If these aren’t functioning as they should, it is very difficult to get everything else balanced.

Treatment and medication can be private however, Lisa requested a letter be sent to her surgery outlining her results plus recommendations and the rationale behind them, as she wanted it documented on her NHS record and to hopefully also impact the treatment offered by her GP.

Whilst it’s different for everyone and some cases are complex, within two weeks Lisa noticed improvements. “The most remarkable thing was noticing things I hadn’t expected or felt were an issue”, says Lisa. “Less hair loss, stronger nails and not so achy when I got out of bed. The brain fog began to lift and I had more clarity. I was happier and started going out again; I felt ‘me’ again”.

“Over a period of one year my weight also returned to where it had always been and that was without a conscious effort. I put this down to being more active generally, getting out and having fun with friends again and my hormones being more balanced”.