Every patient at the Equilibrium Clinic will receive a personalised treatment plan. However, the following treatment schedules and pricing will give you some idea as to what is involved.

If you would like to know more about how Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) can restore your hormone health, please contact us and take advantage of a free 15 minute consultation by telephone or in clinic with our experienced patient liaison team.

As a new patient we require a face to face consultation in clinic with our doctor. During this comprehensive 40-minute consultation you will have an opportunity to discuss your symptoms and outcome expectations as well as be asked about your medical history and any current treatment/medications you are receiving.

Please note that you are under no obligation to proceed further with treatment at this point, should you wish to take some time to decide.  If you are under the care of another healthcare professional for certain conditions, please be aware that we may not be able to commence treatment without prior consent. However, you are very welcome to come along to discuss your options.

Patients who are returning after 2 or more years without a review consultation will be required to undergo a 40-minute ‘First Consultation’.

Price: £195
Please note this excludes the cost of diagnostic blood, saliva and other tests. For further details on payment see below.

During your treatment at the clinic, your doctor may require a number of tests (blood, saliva, other) to enable them to get a better insight into your hormone health. The results of these tests will be used to formulate your personalised treatment plan and prescription. In certain circumstances, you may be required to provide a sample on a specific day of the month; this will be fully explained and arrangements made, if necessary.

Price: Varies depending on the tests required (Indicative average cost in the region of £300).
Please note the charges for these tests are separate to any consultation fees.

For new patients that have had an initial consultation, the follow up 20-minute consultation appointment (in clinic or by telephone) provides you with the opportunity to discuss with the doctor the results of blood, saliva or any other diagnostic tests undertaken (see above for further details on diagnostic tests). The doctor will also discuss any recommended treatment plan including the preparation of a personalised prescription for medication, if required.

Price: £125 (in clinic or telephone – includes raising prescriptions*)
Please note this excludes the cost of the medication which can be purchased directly from the pharmacy.

Equilibrium Clinic is not a dispensary. Once the doctor has completed the prescription, it will be sent directly to the pharmacy and on receipt of your payment the pharmacy will prepare and dispatch your medication.

Price: Varies, depending on the medication recommended by your doctor but typically on average each medication cost £2 to £3 per day.
Please note that payment for medication is made directly to the pharmacy.

For existing patients that have had their first consultation and follow up.
It is recommended that patients have 3-monthly reviews (in clinic or telephone) until they are settled on their medication. These reviews provide you and your doctor with the opportunity to discuss how you are progressing with the treatment plan and address any questions or concerns. At these reviews the doctor will also advise of any changes to your medication, if required.

Please note that as a minimum you will require a blood test annually. If more frequent testing or other diagnostic tests are required during review the doctor will advise.

As part of our quality assurance for patient care standards you will need to see a doctor face to face in clinic at least once a year in order to continue with your treatment.

Price: £125 (in clinic or telephone – includes raising prescriptions*)
Please note this excludes the cost of the medication which can be purchased directly from the pharmacy.

In-Clinic Chaperone
Should you wish to be accompanied at the time of your consultation with the doctor, please make one of our team aware and they will arrange a chaperone

In most instances 90 day’s worth of medication is prescribed. For those with one month’s supply of medication only, a repeat can be requested online. A charge no longer applies for this service.

To secure your booking for an in clinic appointment with the doctor, we require a deposit of £50 payable upon booking. The remainder of the fees can be paid on the day of your in clinic appointment. Please note that for security reasons we only accept card payment in clinic.

To secure your booking for a telephone review with the doctor, we will require full payment no later than 7 days prior to your appointment.

Please note that we have a 2 working day cancellation policy. For full details of our cancellation policies click here.

Payment by credit card is preferred in clinic, with all major cards accepted. Deposits should be paid online or via BACS ideally, with your surname in the payment reference when paying by BACS. Full details are at the foot of our invoices. We can also take payment over the phone.

Please note that BHRT is not an off-the-shelf ‘quick fix’. Our specialist doctors are able to assess the precise hormone levels of each patient and prescribe accordingly. The long-term benefits of re-balancing hormones are well documented – not only are many symptoms alleviated but replenishing a body’s hormones brings significant health benefits too. Balance is regained over a period of time – for many it is days, for some it is weeks and for a others it can be a few months. The relationship between doctor and patient is ongoing, with support from our experienced team at all times.