Consultations for Hormone Rebalance

Available Nationwide from the comfort of your own home.

To address your concerns about hormone imbalance, Dr Naomi Whitelaw MB.BS., MRCOG is available for consultations from the comfort of your own home, supported by diagnostic testing that can be carried out in the form of blood or saliva tests, reassuring you of a commitment to provide a high level of medical care and attention, keeping you safe.

Consultations for Hormone Rebalance

Every patient at Equilibrium will receive a personalised treatment plan.  A range of consultation and treatment options are offered; the following treatment schedules and pricing will give you some idea of the patient journey.

If you would like to know more about how we can help to restore your hormone balance please click here.

As a new patient a face-to-face consultation is required, which is undertaken via secure ‘Doxy’ consultation software.  During this comprehensive 60-minute  (average) consultation you will have an opportunity to discuss your symptoms and outcome expectations as well as be asked about your medical history and any current treatment/medications you are receiving.

Price: £195
Please note this excludes the cost of diagnostic blood, saliva and other tests. Consultation charge includes two emails if you have any additional questions for Dr Whitelaw after your consultation. Outside of this additional doctor emails will be charged at £10 per email.

Please note that you are under no obligation to proceed further with treatment at this point, should you wish to take some time to decide. If you are under the care of another healthcare professional for certain conditions, please be aware that Dr Whitelaw may not be able to commence treatment without prior consent. However, you are very welcome to discuss your options.

Patients who are returning after 2 or more years without a review consultation will be required to undergo a 40-minute ‘First Consultation’.

During your treatment, a number of tests may be required (blood, saliva etc.) which provide a better insight into your hormone health. The results of these tests will be used to formulate your personalised treatment plan and prescription. In certain circumstances, you may be required to provide a sample on a specific day of the month; this will be fully explained and arrangements made, if necessary.

As a minimum you will require a blood test annually. If more frequent testing or other diagnostic tests are required during review Dr Whitelaw will advise.

Price: Dependent on tests required. Please note that the charges for these tests are separate to any consultation fees.

For patients that have had diagnostic testing, this consultation (telephone, Doxy or email) provides you with the opportunity to discuss results of blood, saliva or any other diagnostic tests undertaken (see above for further details on diagnostic tests). Dr Whitelaw will also discuss any recommended treatment plan including the preparation of a prescription for medication, if required. The doctor will send you a written summary (usually by email) outlining what was said during consultation.

Please note that it can take time to feel settled and balanced on your medication.  For many it is days, for some it is weeks and for others it can be a few months.

Price: £95
Includes raising prescriptions*. Consultation charge includes two emails if you have any additional questions after your consultation. Outside of this, additional emails will be charged at £10 per email at the discretion of the doctor.
* Please note this excludes the cost of the medication which is purchased directly from the pharmacy.

New patients are normally reviewed at 3 months but if you are feeling balanced on your hormone treatment plan a 6 month review consultation may be suggested.

For existing patients, in some instances a Follow-up Consultation is not deemed a necessity by the doctor and an ‘Email Follow-up’ may be offered as an alternative should you prefer it, charged at £75.


Equilibrium is not a dispensary. Once Dr Whitelaw has completed the prescription, she will either:

• Post it to you so that you can take to a pharmacy of your choice; or

• It will be sent directly to a specialist compounding pharmacy.

Price: Varies
Depends on the medication recommended and prescribed but on average each medication/hormone item costs £2 – £3 per day.
Please note that payment for medication is made directly to the pharmacy.

Most patients will have an initial 3-month review but the frequency of ongoing reviews is determined by Dr Whitelaw. Reviews provide you with the opportunity to discuss how you are progressing with the treatment plan and address any questions or concerns. At these reviews the doctor will also advise of any changes to your medication, if required.

The doctor will usually send a written summary of any important changes by email.

Price: £125
Undertaken by telephone or Doxy – includes raising prescriptions*
* Please note this excludes the cost of the medication which is purchased directly from the pharmacy.

As part of our patient care standards you will need to have a face to face consultation (via Doxy) at least once a year in order to continue with your treatment. 

Price: £45
In most instances 90 to 180 days day’s worth of medication is prescribed as a repeat prescription. For those with a prescription requirement outside of a planned review, a repeat can be requested online which will require a review of your medical notes and approval by Dr Whitelaw, who may insist on a review consultation appointment.

There is no charge for copies of results however, should you require a doctor’s letter, a formal summary with brief explanation of results or any other correspondence provided by Dr Whitelaw, then a £35 per document charge applies.

Please note that we will not contact your GP and advise them of any medication and treatment unless requested to do so by you.

To secure an appointment with the doctor, payment is required within 48 hours – or immediately for appointments sooner than 48 hours.

Please note that we have a 2 working day cancellation policy. For full details of our cancellation policies click here.

Payment should be made via an emailed merchant link (Stripe). We can also take card payment over the phone.

  • First Consultation – with Dr Whitelaw via Doxy £195

  • Follow Up/Review Consultation – with Dr Whitelaw via Doxy or Telephone £125

Consultation charges include up to two further emails from the doctor, if you have any additional questions after your consultation.
At the doctor’s discretion only, in some instances a Follow-up Consultation is not deemed a necessity by the doctor and an Email Follow-up at £75 may be offered as an optional alternative should you prefer it.
Prices for any other necessary investigations available on request.
For further information on payment see below.

Miscellaneous Charges:

  • Additional* Email Correspondence (with Doctor) £25 per email

  • Telephone or Doxy Calls (with Doctor) £65 per 15 minutes

  • Letter Charge (GP, Specialist etc. £35

  • Repeat Prescription Fee (if required outside a consultation) £45

Please note that 2 emails are included within our consultation chargesDr Whitelaw reserves the right to charge for any additional correspondence.